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What if you learned of a way to double the output of the most powerful machine in the Universe - your MIND?

You are about to have access to the set of 12 little books written in 1914 and long ago out of print, that can lead you clearly and

From the Desk of:
Gavin Lambert
Austin, Texas.

Dear Friend,

    You  arrived at this site by no accident. Unconsiously you were drawn to this website through the magnificent seeking and matching power of your Mind. That power, that life-force has a yearning to expand and you are about to experience such an expansion.

Most likely you arrived at this web-site because you want to experience REAL change in your life. You want to be wealthy and healthy, you want to be rid of your problems and dramas in life. You want to have fun, relax and be happy. Maybe you want to have a deep intimate relationship with a partner you cherish. You've worked hard but you still have way too many pressures and challenges in your life.

Well you are about to uncover powerful, breakthrough information on precisely how to achieve all these things and more.

But first let me ask you a question. How long have you been trying to improve your life? How long have you been striving for success?

Go on, add it up. It's a long time isn't it. For many of you, too many years to admit. Sure maybe you've made some progress, some improvements to your life, you've progressed and evolved somewhat, but have you really changed that much? Or do you feel you've gone backwards?

For all the tactics and tools you've learnt and information you've gathered, surely you'd expect more results? Surely, you would be very wealthy by now? Surely you would be happy and contented by now? Surely by now you would have a fit and trim, healthy body. Surely you would have established excellent, warm relationships throughout your life. Well, do you have all of these? If you don't then read on ....

The problem with nearly all self-help is that it isn't 'foundational'. A lot of it is like building castles in the air - it's not supported by anything of substance. It sounds terrific but it just doesn't work in the real world because it isn't based on a solid foundation. If you try to build a brick house on sand or mud without laying a foundation, what happens? Very soon it starts to crumble. The same applies to making changes in your own life. If you don't have a solid foundation you won't be able to make permanent improvements in your life. You will inevitably sabotage yourself - often without even being conscious of it. You will experience struggle your whole life because any improvements you do make will only be temporary. Sound familiar?

But what if you read 12 little books that could change all that? What if you learnt something that could put that foundation in place immediately?

If you so choose, you are about to learn some knowledge that will set a very strong and powerful foundation in place for you. You will then learn how to build on that foundation (very quickly) and establish the life you truly dream about. A life gifted with joy, abundance, harmony, health and happiness. You will be able to manifest whatever you choose because the foundation will hold. No more lack of follow through, lack of will-power or living a life like a rat on a treadmill - not getting anywhere fast. You deserve so much more.

It's time for you to truly understand this information but first let me digress a moment and tell you how I was fortunate enough to learn about this……

It all started one wintry Sunday at an Estate Sale. My wife had dragged me along to have a look at some antique furniture she was interested in. There I was, bored and irritable, waiting as my Wife methodically looked at item after item, searching for that special bargain that she knew was there, somewhere.

I had gotten tired of standing and was sitting on a packed cardboard box watching the people rummage through what to me seemed like junk. Maybe not to the person that had passed away, but to me it was just a pile of old crockery, furniture, pictures and ornaments. Mostly real old stuff.

And then I saw them - 4 books lying on a dust covered shelf all by themselves. I was drawn to them like a magnet. Some force had me up off that box and nearly running to the shelf.
4 faded, fragile, dusty old books and as I opened the first one, time stopped for me. I knew I was reading some very special, very wise information. My eyes danced across the words, page after page as I soaked it all in. I was spellbound. As I was reading I felt such a sense of freedom and excitement. This was important, real important. I could feel it in my soul.

I also felt it ... sometimes in life there are moments when you have a very strong feeling (perhaps it's intuition) that you've just come across something that is Life Changing. I felt it several times in my solar plexus while I was reading MASTERING MINDPOWER. This stuff is amazing. I still can't get over how information like this gets 'lost' for such a long time. ... but besides all the changes that have already happened in my life, I actually FEEL different. Thankyou so much for making this stuff so easily available again. I'm a different person because of it.
Gratefully yours,
Dee Why, NSW, Australia

What seemed like an instant later (even though I had read half of the first book already) my Wife was telling me she was finished and ready to go. I shocked her with a big kiss and quickly arranged payment for my 4 valuable new possessions. I couldn't wait to get home and of course when I did I spent the rest of the afternoon devouring the priceless information contained in those 4 books. And then I read them again.

They were fascinating and gave me such a sense of liberation!

They were incredible, mind stretching and riveting and they had me captivated. It was as though I was at the foot of a Master receiving very special secrets, being given the very
Keys to Success. What was in those pages absolutely enthralled me. It felt like drinking from a cool, clear fountain of spring water after trekking through the desert for a long, long time.

But there was a problem. These were only 4 books out of a set of 12 books originally published in 1914 and they weren't even in a sequence. I had found 4 jigsaw pieces of a very valuable 12 piece puzzle. So I started searching. And searching. And searching. I had to find those missing pieces to the puzzle.

Then along the way something unfortunate happened.

I'm embarrassed to share it with you because looking back on it, I should never have let it happen. You see, Life happened. I got involved back into my hum-drum ordinary life, going about my everyday business that I felt was so important. I took my eye off the ball and let myself be pulled along by the whims of my ordinary life. And I forgot about those missing books.

For nearly 3 years I did nothing about those missing books. Yes, every time I looked at my 4 old books sitting neatly in a row I'd feel something gnawing at me, prompting me to find the other books in the set. But I didn't do anything about it (of course later when I did read the missing books I learned exactly why I hadn't taken action).

Then through a very strange and coincidental sequence of events (and that's another wierd story in itself, but it now makes total sense to me), I suddenly managed to locate another missing book of the 12 book set. Then another, and then 2 others. And amazingly before I knew it, I was the proud owner of a complete set of these rare books.

I owned all 12 of these rare books. I sat down and re-read each book in sequence from Book 1 to Book 12 and again became absolutely spellbound and captivated as it all came together so clearly and neatly. In fact I had been a student of Thought and Mind Power for many years, yet through this set of books, lots of new critical pieces of information were suddenly revealed to me. Actually, not just critical but 'foundational' !

So what's the big deal about this set of 12 books?

Well, wouldn't it be nice for you to receive and understand some information that radically changes your mindset and allows you to more than double your effectiveness? Wouldn't it be great to really get into the flow of life and start experiencing an ease and abundance that makes every single day thrilling? Imagine dissolving your challenges into thin air and then constructing a truly powerful, inspiring life.

But what's most important is that this knowledge builds an absolutely rock solid understanding and foundation of how to use your mind in building the life of your dreams. It will provide a foundation of truth that will allow positive changes in behavior to be reinforced instead of you sufferring the sabotage of your own sub-conscious.

The author of these books, W. Hilton, was a Lawyer in the early 1900's and he founded an exclusive, relatively little known Society dealing with discoveries of the Human Mind. Drawing on many new developments of the era from various Professors, experimenters and laymen, members of this Society shared their pioneering work. Work on the advancement of human-kind using the effective application and Power of the Mind.

Unfortunately, some of these important discoveries have been forgotten over the years but thankfully W. Hilton authored this comprehensive record contained in these 12 books.

And that's what I'm excited to share with you. In order to bring this truly amazing, forgotten body of knowledge out of obscurity into our modern era, we have carefully scanned the full set of books into a digital format and created 12 separate PDF ebooks. We managed to preserve the original type-setting and fonts so that their uniqueness and special character are retained and are now offerring these e-books to readers for a fraction of their value.

The books all have different titles, so for convenience and clarity I'm renaming the scanned e-book versions of them under the title "MASTERING MINDPOWER". These books above all concentrate on the Practical applications of these discoveries. In other words: How to use the phenomenal Power of your Mind efficiently and effectively. A list of the book titles gives you some idea of their valuable content:

    • Book 1: Psychology and Achievement
    • Book 2: Making Your Own World
    • Book 3: Driving Power of Thought
    • Book 4: The Trained Memory
    • Book 5: Power of Mental Imagery
    • Book 6: Initiative Psychic Energy
    • Book 7: Processes and Personality
    • Book 8: Mind Mechanism
    • Book 9: Mind Mastery
    • Book 10: Technique of Success
    • Book 11: External Efficiency Factors
    • Book 12: Specific Applications

This set of 12 books takes you step by step through a profusion of valuable information, steadily building a structure of concepts, knowledge and methods. They are clear and succinct and filled with core universal truths.

For example, here is a couple of snippets of text taken straight from one of the books: "All the books bear upon a central theme. They will lead you on step by step. Gradually your conception of your relations to the world will change. A new realization of power will come upon you. You will learn that you are in a new sense the master of your fate. You will find these books, like the petals of a flower, unfolding one by one until a great and vital truth stands revealed in full-blown beauty."

Or this snippet from Book 6: "We intend to show you how you can lose yourself in your work with an absorbing passion and how you can at any time make special requisition upon your hidden stores of potential energy and draw new supplies of power that will sweep you on to your goal."

... I had allocated myself 6 weeks to get through these 12 books - 2 per week. Yet once I started Book 1, I simply devoured the rest. I ended up finishing the full set in just 5 days. The information is that good! As I write this I'm more than half way through my second read... They have shifted my perspective ... Yes, they ARE life changing.
Thank you so much,
Ottawa, Canada

So has this set of 12 books got all the answers you are looking for? Will reading this collection of wisdom complete your search for Happiness, Success and fulfillment?

No. By themselves, categorically not.

But it will change you. You'll feel it and you'll experience it. And you will have from this point on a truly solid, masterful foundation to easily build your Mind of Power.

Again, listen to W. Hilton's own words: "In this course we place within your grasp the magic wand that will enable you to predetermine the content of your own consciousness. With it you may, if you will, without effort and without strain, live a truly efficient life, and reap as you go along its rich reward, a contented spirit..... And when you come to make use of these devices you will not question their efficacy. You will have no doubts as to your success. You will be inspired with the faith that is born of knowledge, as distinguished from the faith that is artificially created by mystic formulas and priestly authority"

You’re going to learn:


-        How to use an infallible recipe to control your destiny

-        2 types of concentration and how to achieve complete Mental Mastery

-        How to use your subconscious storehouse and economize effort

-        How to utilize every opportunity and realize your desires

-        About the single highway of self-fulfilment

-        How to crystallize one's aims

-        The Laws of Actualization and how to manifest what you really want

-        How to attain great power over others

-        The Law of Practical Self-Mastery

-        How to control your Inner attitude

-        How to dispel sadness, gloom and remorse

-        The secret science of being happy

-        How to stop wasting time

-        Tapping your reservoir of latent mental power

-        The brain patterns that contribute to failure and success

-        And so much more…

What would it feel like to have a life of no more struggle and strain, no more worry, anxiety, discouragement and defeat, but a happy, flowing process of creating the life you desire?.

This 'lost' knowledge, if put into practice, is priceless. Imagine experiencing a perception shift that actually changes your behavior.

You've heard the maxim before: "If you keep on doing that which you are doing now you will get exactly what you are getting now". Well you need a way to change that. And from these books you'll gain the knowledge (with clear step-by-step methods and framework) to implement REAL change in your life quickly.

But you don't have to take my word for it. W. Hilton says in his own words: "Stop wasting your energies. … You are losing power in fruitless outward activities. You are losing power in the thinking of useless thoughts. You cannot stop the ceaseless activity of the mind. But you can conserve its forces by directing them into channels that are worth while. You are losing power in a turmoil of inward mental strains and inharmonies."

You know perfectly well already that you are losing power in your mind in such internal turmoil. How recently was it when you set yourself a task, behavior or goal and you blew it. Instead of sabotaging yourself unconsiously, give yourself a fighting chance to achieve your deepest desires. Find out how to use the gifts you were given so that desires become reality. Acquire the magical qualities that spell success and happiness - see the mind in operation. Read these books.

"These 12 books written in 1914 will change your life forever!"

Here are just a few example headings from the books: Your Reservoir of Latent Power, Science of Cause and Effect, Man's Mind Machine, Origin of the Thought Stream, Dissociation by Hypnotic Suggestion, Mental Fusion, The Compass of Concentration, Psychotherapeutics, The Subconscious Storehouse, The Words that Create Desire and many, many more.

For real Mind Power students that have read authors such as Napolean Hill, Joseph Murphy or Maxwell Maltz , this is really a no-brainer decision. Quite likely this is the core foundational material that these teachers drew from later in the century. What are you waiting for? Reading these 12 books will take you to a whole new level of understanding and self-realization. For newer students to this arena that are unfamiliar with these authors I commend you for reading this far. There is a reason you are drawn to this information. It makes you part of a select few people that have enough AWARENESS to want more out of life. People who know intuitively that the path that leads to that fulfillment is through the Mind. People that are prepared to take the necessary action to stimulate and train the mind in a positive feedback loop to attain your deepest wishes and desires.

With a bit of effort and research you can locate individual books of the series here and there. However the original complete 12 book set is rare and difficult to find. There are some owners that will not part with their set for less than $1200. And they are worth every bit of that.

There's no waiting and no shipping costs. Immediately after ordering you will be directed to a web-page where you can download all 12 books in PDF format and save them to your computer to read at your leisure. You are only a couple of clicks away from owning this knowledge and understanding how you can take your life to a whole new level.

"Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in." Napoleon Bonaparte (1769 - 1821) French General & Politician

Don't look back on you life when you are 50, 60 or 70 years old or lying on your death bed and have regrets.

Wouldn't you prefer to look back and say proudly "Well, I dug a little deeper than most people, I read a little more than most people and I came upon Wisdom that has made all the difference to my life". Or be able to paraphrase Sir Isaac Newton and say "By standing on the shoulders of giants I have seen a little further than most people and thereby lead a full and happy life". You will be able to say "Once I understood and put the foundation in place, my life vastly improved, reading those 12 books was the turning point".

Look within yourself and you will find the greatest machine ever made. Only you can flip the switch. Decide today to lay the foundation that will change your life.

What astonishing changes are YOU going to manifest in your life once you start practicing the principles contained in these books ?

Download them now!

When you download and read this powerful set of 12 books you will soon be on your way to living your life on a higher plane.

And in order to make this an immediate no-brainer decision we're offerring a "no questions asked" 60 day guarantee - there's literally ZERO RISK!


Iron Clad, No Questions Asked, 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee for 60 Days! If at any time "Mastering Mindpower" fails to live up to your expectations - let me know and we'll promptly issue you a full refund. No hassles. No questions. Just a sincere "Thank you" from us for your time. In fact we not only guarantee it... we promise!

You know you deserve it! You know 'later' never arrives. Don't ever undervalue yourself.

Download them all now and soon you will be looking back saying "that was the turning point, that understanding was what totally changed my life."

To your good Health, Happiness and Success,

Gavin Lambert

P.S.  I can't tell you how long the price of only $19 will remain this low but whether you order quickly or pay double the price, this has little bearing on it's phenominal VALUE. You should rather be focusing on your most precious resource - Time! And the sooner you purchase and absorb this life changing knowlege, the sooner you will experience the amazing results.

P.P.S.  Remember, you get the complete scanned 12 book set in 12 separate PDF files. You'll get to read the exact words (in the original fonts and type setting) that I guarantee will change your life. (If it doesn't, see the Guarantee above).


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